A global reformation is building: a rediscovery that Jesus’ primary message isn’t that we are saved and getting a ticket to Heaven; it’s that God is establishing His Kingdom here through love.

We seek to play a part in in this reformation by producing and providing resources that reveal these teachings, and encourage others to seek first the King and His Kingdom.


  • Tree of Life

  • Sufficient In Christ

  • Born to Be Loved

  • Disciples

  • Men Wanted

  • Wilderness

  • He is the Word, I am the Voice

  • 42nd Generation

  • Being Unoffendable

  • Teachings/Podcasts

    • Shearman - Dry Bones

    • Shearman - Detach And Attach

    • Shearman - A Man Stood Up

    • Shearman - Stronger In The Future

    • Shearman - Living Above The Fog